17 November 2009

5 Minute Distraction...

A friend told me that he thought Radiohead was OK. "All their songs sound the same," he explained. "But Radiohead is praised for reinventing their sound every album!" was my defense. I made him a mix of Radiohead to cure the ailment. Maybe there will be a cure, maybe not. It's his choice if he wants to let John Mayer satisfy his music listening needs.

Song list:

Karma Police
Black Star
House of Cards
High and Dry
I Might Be Wrong
Fake Plastic Trees
Everything In Its Right Place
Talk Show Host
There There (The Boney King of Nowhere)
Exit Music (For a Film)
15 Steps
How to Disappear Completely

To answer criticisms of the list: I put Creep on first (and other very well known Radiohead songs) because one of my theories was that he probably knew many Radiohead songs, but just did not realize they were Radiohead songs.

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